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Maker&Son - Luxury Handmade Sofas and Beds

Our Song Range

When it came to creating our Song range, we flipped the furniture design playbook on its head. Instead of trying to create a product to fit a price or a specific design trend, we decided to do things differently and create a range of sofas and chairs with no compromise on the quality of any part of the product. We focused on comfort, quality and timeless style. The result is a range of extraordinarily comfortable chairs and sofas designed to last a lifetime. Handmade using entirely natural materials, our frames are built using solid hardwood which, together with individually coiled springs, is designed to support you brilliantly throughout your lifetime. Pair with the most heavenly cushions in the fabric and colour of your dreams, and get ready to sink into absolute comfort.

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Maker&Son - Luxury Handmade Sofas and Beds

White Glove is our standard

When the time comes for delivery of your Maker&Son furniture, we give as much care and attention to the arrival of your pieces, as went into the making of them. Our trusted delivery partners organise timing with you, and when they arrive, they carefully carry the items to the right room and assemble as needed. They will remove all packaging, and take it away with them for recycling when they leave. All that's left to do is enjoy complete relaxation in your new Maker&Son furniture.

Maker&Son - Luxury Handmade Sofas and Beds

Why We're Different

Everything we do at Maker&Son is focused on how to do things in the very best way we can, and our service is a big part of this. We want to make the process of choosing your furniture as easy and enjoyable as possible; we created our Mobile Showrooms so that we can bring a little piece of Maker&Son directly to you. Big enough to carry a Song Armchair or Love Seat to your door, but small enough to visit you at your home or workplace and a great way to experience what Maker&Son relaxation and comfort really feel like. We can spend as much time with you as you like; if it helps we can take some measurements of your room to help you plan the layout of your furniture.

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Maker&Son - Luxury Handmade Sofas and Beds

Our Sectional Sofas

Our Song Sectional Sofas include a variety of seats, shapes and sizes from small and cosy to gigantic, inviting and infinitely flexible. Here’s a simple trick to help you visualise as well as understand the way we name our Sectional Sofas. We stand looking at the sofa from the front, or in the ‘V’, and then count the number of cushions from the left to centre, and then from the centre to the right. We double-count the centre cushion. Note that while we name them 2x2, 2x3, 3x2 and 3x3, that is not an indication of number of people who can sit. We say the more the merrier, but we are happy to provide detailed seating information for each piece on request.-

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Maker&Son - Luxury Handmade Sofas and Beds

So simple to change the look

Our loose covers help keep your furniture looking beautiful for years - no matter what your family, guests or pets throw at it. It’s so simple and cost effective to update the look, with the seasons or whenever you want a change. We designed them to be really easy to zip off and replace - it should take you a maximum of 20 minutes to change the covers on a Song Sofa. So, why not sink into Velvet for winter and float on 100% Linen for summer...

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Maker&Son - Luxury Handmade Sofas and Beds

Our Cushions

A humble, modest and sometimes overlooked aspect of furniture design, the cushion contributes much more to the overall feel and comfort of your sofa than you might think. Here at Maker&Son, we’ve worked hard on the designs of our sofa cushions, from studying the shape and discovering the optimal measurements, to finding a supportive, malleable filling, every aspect is considered in our cushion-making process Our cushions are designed and crafted to provide support for you and your loved ones, and are constructed in a style that is unique to us. All of our seat and back cushions contain two ‘duvets’ (believe us when we say they are as soft and cosy as any premium bedding), which are filled with a mixture of ethically sourced feathers and down, fully accredited by the International Down and Feather Bureau. Between these ‘duvets’ sits a natural latex core - we’ve used this to help our cushions keep their shape, which means they require less maintenance, in other words, less plumping over time!

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Maker&Son - Luxury Handmade Sofas and Beds

On the rare occasion

We are always happy to help, and that includes when it comes to returning goods. If you are not satisfied with your Maker&Son piece(s), it is our policy to happily accept their return within 14 days of receipt. We hope you understand, however, that we are not able to accept returns of any bespoke or custom made products (in the same way that one persons dream just may not be the same as another). Please refer to section 6 of our Terms and Conditions, where our Returns Policy is provided in detail. Please send all queries by email on enquiries@makerandson.com