Song Little Footstool in Charta Denim

Now Song Little Footstool with Song Pillow Edge made in Charta Denim
Now Song Little Footstool with Song Pillow Edge made in Charta Denim

Song Little Footstool in Charta Denim

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With our Song Little Footstool, you can make a stylish statement. Versatile and space-saving, it can function as an extra seat, coffee table or footrest but on a smaller scale.


Created to be as wonderfully comfy as feather pillows, our Song cushions are avilable in an elegant Pillow Edge. Available in two widths, the classic Pillow Edge (2 inches) and new Short Pillow Edge (1/2 inch) styles give a laid-back and relaxing aesthetic.








Our 5-star rated floor planning service makes measuring your room and furniture a streamlined process. We provide a complimentary service to assist you with planning your furniture arrangements to best suit your space.


Access to your home is critical for our White Glove Delivery Team to deliver your furniture to the room of your choice. Please measure your space accurately at the time of your order. If you have any questions, contact our team at or call us at (929) 277-0195.
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A beautiful creamy white shade that has a hint of warmth and is ready to pair with just about any color. It feels soft to the touch and invites relaxation in the warmest or coolest of spaces.


Since cotton is grown in abundance across the country, we find it completely natural to support our local partners as well as local materials. Simply clean, fresh and natural, how can we be describing anything but cotton denim.


Exclusive to our customers in the US, our Denim fabric is made with 100% American cotton. Utterly breathable, denim offers the ultimate in practicality and durability. Since cotton is grown in abundance across the country, we find it completely natural to support our local partners and local materials.
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Care Instructions

Our Denim is dyed using traditional methods. Ideally, to preserve your denim covers’ weave and colour please use a fabric brush to remove stains and avoid washing. If you need to wash your denim covers, turn them inside out and wash them alone in cold water because the colour can bleed. Use a mild detergent or soap and choose a gentle wash cycle or, preferably, hand wash to protect its fibres. Only wash and soak for 45 minutes and then gently rinse three times. Let your denim covers dry naturally. Avoid tumble drying or using too much detergent.


Put your feet up and relax, since all of our pieces have removable, washable covers that make cleaning a breeze. Regular gentle washing of covers will keep your fabrics looking as beautiful as the day they arrived. However our covers should not be tumbled dried, but hung to dry naturally.
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Our original Long Skirt showcases the laid back and plumped up look that is ready for relaxing. The drape of the longer skirt falls all the way down to the floor and hides our Standard Beech leg.
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Enjoy the ultimate sink-in-deep comfort with our feather and down cushions. To match the softness and cosiness of premium bedding, all of our cushions have the equivalent of two duvets worth of filling. Each cushion interior is filled with a blend of responsibly sourced natural feathers and down.
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At Maker&Son, we put customers at the very heart of what we do. We strive to make our customers feel comfortable and pride ourselves on our premium products, excellent service, and friendly, genuine support. The measure of our success is customer satisfaction, and we are incredibly grateful to those who take the time to review their experiences with us.

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Delivery will be complete in about 4-6 weeks for NOW orders, depending on your location. We'll be in touch the moment you place your order to confirm and email your receipt.

At Maker&Son, the dream is simple, to create the most incredibly comfortable furniture in the world. We are a proud family business that designs, and hand makes luxury sofas, armchairs, and beds that bring families together. All our pieces are handmade in America using entirely natural materials. That means sustainably sourced hardwood for the frames, guaranteed for 30 years, and ethically sourced feather and down for our cushions. From our latex padding, jute webbing, and individually coiled springs, every detail reflects our commitment to your comfort.

By selling directly to our customers, we can make our products with infinitely better materials and overall quality sourced from our community of local manufacturers in each country that we operate within.


At the heart of our range is our commitment to customers' comfort and ease of lifestyle. Our upholstered furniture comes with the convenience of loose covers that are easy to clean and lengthen the piece's life. We are happy to make covers in any suitable upholstery fabric that you would like to use.

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Milli. P
Alex and the entire Maker & Son team are super friendly and helpful. We went to visit them and 'experience' the product beforehand and they were so welcoming
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