Why we are different

100% Natural


We only use 100% natural materials in all we make.

We will never use plastics, polyurethane foams, velcro or staples. Our furniture is more sustainable, lasts longer and is far better for the environment than much of what you can buy on the high street. The feathers and down we use in our cushions are sourced ethically and are a by-product of the European meat industry.

Comfort without Compromise

Our furniture is designed to be as comfortable as possible. Most furniture is designed to meet a certain cost model, which inevitably means compromise on quality of materials and comfort.
Here are a few of the things that make our furniture different:
  • Hardwood frames - ours are made from sustainably sourced English Beech and are guaranteed for 30 years, making them far more hard wearing than the softwoods and plywoods that are often used.
  • Fully sprung base - a sprung base gives you the comfort levels of a well made mattress, unlike cheaper options, like webbing. The springs are hand laid and taper downwards in height towards the back of the chair or sofa, so that when you sit in it, you naturally sink back and down. You definitely sit in our chairs not on them.
  • Our unique cushion construction - our seat and back cushions contain two ‘duvets’ filled with a mixture of feathers and down. Between these sits a natural latex core which means the cushions keep their shape, require less plumping but are still unbelievably comfortable.
  • Our furniture is handmade to order by a family run business that has been making high end furniture for over 30 years, using materials and techniques that ensure our furniture will last a lifetime.

As Practical As It Is Beautiful


Our entire range comes with loose covers (including the bases). They are simple to take off and replace - it only takes 20 minutes to change all the covers on a Song Sofa. Covers made from our Linen/Cotton and Corduroy fabrics are machine washable and Velvet covers can be dry-cleaned. This means that not only is it simple to keep your furniture looking beautiful (whatever the kids or pets do to it), it will also last longer.

You can change the look of your room by simply buying a second set of covers instead of having to replace your furniture entirely.