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Your new sofa, chair or bed can come in 100% Italian linen, velvet, linen/cotton or corduroy, all of which provide a slightly different look and feel while always being incredibly soft and versatile. Browse our sofa fabric types here and select your preferred fabric.

Our 100% Linen

Woven exclusively for us in Florence, Italy, our new 100% Linen fabric feels truly luxurious and is also highly practical. With a beautiful drape and soft touch, this linen weighs almost one kilogram per square metre. We’ve treated this range to reduce creasing (a common aspect of linen fabrics); it's pre-shrunk and tumbled at the mill, making it fully machine washable at home. It comes in a palette of carefully selected colours from a rich, dark Teal to light Aquamarine and a completely neutral biscuit tone.

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Our Linen/Cotton

Our linen/cotton is made in Yorkshire from Italian linen yarn and English spun cotton. With its subtle depth of colour and naturally soft feel, it is ideal for anyone seeking a relaxed and timeless look. Browse through our linen/cotton upholstery furniture to find sofas, chairs, beds and more, all made by hand using only natural materials

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Our Corduroy

Our Corduroy is woven in Italy by a specialist family company that has been using the same traditional techniques for decades. It’s made from Italian cotton yarn, offering a range of warm colours and is beautifully soft with a ribbed texture. Corduroy creases a little less than Linen/Cotton so works well for a slightly neater look. Corduroy can ‘bruise’ in transit, but any crease marks are easily resolved with a steamer. Whether you love it for its distinctive texture, sturdy reliability, tilted nod to bohemian nostalgia or even its royal lineage… there’s no doubt that our furniture loves Corduroy for its exceptional cosiness.

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Our Velvet

Sourced from a family-run Italian company, our Velvet is made from 100% Cotton. This fabric comes in a gorgeous range of colours, in both short and long pile, all with real depth and offering a slightly more structured look with a really cosy feel. Adding a touch of glamour often means a bit more love, and this range is the only one of our fabrics that is dry clean only.

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Our 100% Cotton

Cotton is one of the most popular fibres in the world today, as well as being completely natural and biodegradable. We have chosen a range of colours in Cotton that are currently available exclusively to our customers in the USA.


Simply clean, fresh and natural, how can we be describing anything but 100% natural cotton… it’s cool in the summer and warm in the winter and utterly breathable which makes relaxation even easier.

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