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The Song Malachite Sofa is beautifully presented in Troye Sivan's home visited by AD


July 30, 2021

Architectural Digest visits the lovely home of Troye Sivan in Melbourne where our Malachite Sofa is exposed in all its beauty.

We are so thrilled to discover our lovely 100% linen Song sofa in Troye Sivan's magnificent house in Melbourne, Australia. Sivan's house has been completely redesigned with the help of the talented designer David Flack to create a place that fully represents the singer's perception of comfort and design. We are extremely proud to see our sofa in such an exquisite decor. We would like to thank the whole team of Architectural Digest for such a wonderful insight and of course, the brilliant singer, Troye Sivan for such lovely comments about our Song sofa. This is an incredible honour!

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