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Our 100% Linen is Home-Washable

Our 100% Linen is Home-Washable

All of our sofas and loveseats come with removable covers, which we know is particularly helpful for those with busy lifestyles that include active kids and pets. Most of our covers (our natural cotton Velvet being the only exception) are completely ready and safe for washing at home.

Our sofas are designed for living, so when the inevitable accident or stain happens, you can simply remove the cover and wash. Even our 100% Linen can be washed at home. It is actually pre-washed and pre-shrunk, so you can wash it safely and easily. This also means that you can readily change up and swap for a new or different cover at any stage – whether you like to adapt to seasons or mood. Our 100% Linen is available in a wide array of colours, from the richest of teal to light aquamarine and a variety of neutrals to suit any space beautifully.


Texture and Weight

Linen is consistently recommended as an ideal fabric for furniture since it is both natural as well as durable. Linen is crafted from the flax plant, specifically the stems. Linen is one of the strongest natural fibres available today, both highly adaptable as well as wonderfully resilient and comfortable. While exceptionally soft to the touch, each square yard weighs over two pounds, showcasing linen at its finest, purest form. You can count on this very resilient fabric with a unique and inviting texture. We have actually treated our 100% Linen fabric range, to reduce creasing (which is a common aspect of linens), providing you with a premium quality, that, with the right care will last a lifetime.



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