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2020: Two Years On, and Our “Comfiest Couches” Are Making a Splash Stateside

2020: Two Years On, and Our “Comfiest Couches” Are Making a Splash Stateside

A little over two years ago, a simple dream encouraged Maker&Son to start making... making beautiful furniture with a vision to make a positive difference to people’s lives and to last a lifetime. In February 2018, when the business was formed, we did so on the belief that there were people like us all over the world, who were also looking for genuinely comfortable furniture made only from natural materials.


Now, we are two years on, we are seeing the proof that our belief was shared. What an incredible journey – of course, plenty of ups and downs along the way; yet here we find ourselves at the start of 2020 with a business growing rapidly in both the UK and Australia and we have now launched in the United States as well! Our first Showhome is in Tribeca, in Manhattan and we’re thrilled with the response we’re hearing from our American customers (and journalists too… read what Vogue thinks about our arrival!).


So, what is it about Maker&Son that is resonating so well with people across three quite different continents? We believe it’s quite simple… Actually, it’s not easy to find a truly, genuinely comfortable sofa (or couch if you prefer).


We keep hearing this from customers – they often tell us they’ve been on the hunt for years for a sofa that feels as good as it looks like it will feel. As a starting point, we make our furniture to be as comfortable as physically possibly, and we never compromise on that. When you sink into our furniture, you’re truly able to relax in a way that rarely happens in our busy lives. That relaxation is not only physical but also mental and that total release is part of what’s making a positive difference to our customers. That’s what is setting apart from others.


We’re experiencing a furniture industry that’s a bit broken, and hopeful we can mend it. 


The drive for cheaper and faster has driven all industries, furniture included, to be designed with replacement in mind. Trends emerge and furniture changes, and it’s often full of plastic, destined to be thrown out and wind up in another landfill. We know that customers are demanding that industry think differently, and we are making our furniture from completely natural materials, built to last a lifetime.


Our first range of furniture is designed to withstand the busy family home – those that are full of kids, pets and muddy feet. Therefore loose and changeable covers are an absolute must. Our covers can be removed and washed (only our Velvet needs dry cleaning) and keep our chairs and sofas (or couches) looking gorgeous for a long time. You can relax and enjoy without the worry about stains or spills or scuffs or the many other words to describe those frustrating marks…


We see this as the pursuit of the creation perfect, life-lasting product. We are grateful that our beliefs seem to be striking a chord with our customers, as well as the lovely people at Vogue here in the US, who chose to share our story with their readers (we are thankful).

Looking forward to an eventful 2020…


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